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Portrait Photographer in Melbourne


At Blinked Images we come up with the advanced studio, background, ‘light painting’ and equipment together with more technical skill to excel the standard of making quality portraits photography. We understand that portrait photography is the best way of demonstrating one’s personality, expression and attitude – therefore we ensure the subject is relaxed and comfortable to ensure the real personality is captured. So our expert portrait photographer is always passionate about capturing the perfect essence of their subject at their utmost by selecting the right equipment and technologies. Our portrait photographer in Melbourne is profoundly creative and skilled to make sure each portrait photo has the desired outcome – happiness. Our photographer has all the abilities to take advantage of the subject’s pose, controlled light and composition in creating the best portrait that will speak about the subject in the best form.

Blinked Images also specializes in pet photography and pet portraits in Melbourne, Brunswick, Fitzroy, Coburg, Preston and suburbs, so contact us to immortalize your pets forever.

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